July 23, 2024


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Our Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro camera review video is up

After our full written and video reviews of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro out the way, we now present you with the detailed camera breakdown. Our video team has been snapping shots and videos with all of the phone’s five cameras so now its time whether they deliver a flagship experience.

The Mi 10 Pro comes with a 108MP main shooter with a 1/1.33-inch type sensor and f/1.7 aperture. Pictures are outputted in 25MP resolution by default here offering plenty of detail, natural-looking colors and minimal noise. As a whole daytime stills from the main shooter are among the best we’ve tested so far.

We also have not one but two telephoto modules with a 12MP snapper with 2x optical magnifaction and an 8MP shooter with OIS and 3.7x zoom. Results from the “short” telephoto were impressive bringing similar natural colors, good details and wide dynamic range like the main camera.

Our Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro camera review video is up

The long telephoto module, on the other hand, offers impressive shots as well but with lower per-pixel detail due to software upscaling. The Mi 10 Pro’s fourth camera is a 20MP ultrawide camera, it offered good dynamic range, accurate colors. It also serves as a macro shooter thanks to its autofocus but delivered somewhat inconsistent macro stills.

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