Telegram is back with yet another cool new update for its mobile apps. This time they are introducing a new video editor to make video sharing better.

Just like their fairly comprehensive image editor, the new video lets you adjust a range of options before you send your video. You could also just let the app adjust the image quality for you automatically. Simple zoom in gesture lets you frame just the part of the video that you want.

Added to the video editor are animated stickers, which lets you put any of the stickers that you already have on your videos. You can even type text or draw on your video, similar to Snapchat or Instagram.

The animated stickers can now be added to any media that you share within the app, including still images.

Telegram adds video editor, animated stickers on media and more

The update also includes a new emoticon based GIF search, which lets you quickly search GIFs categorized by popular emoticons such as thumbs up or eye-roll.

An update to the folders feature lets you add or remove any chat from a folder by pressing and holding on the chat.

Telegram adds video editor, animated stickers on media and more

Lastly, for Android users, the app now gets new animations for sending, editing or deleting messages. Cache management and voice messages now have a new UI. The video player is updated to hide captions and controls quicker. The two-factor authentication screen has also been updated.

The updated Telegram app is now available on iOS and Android.


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